Ten signs prove that you Bombed the Interview

After your resume gets shortlisted, the interview process is the next and the most crucial aspect that you should get well prepared. In spite of hard core preparation still, there are chances that you might not get selected for the job.

During your job interview, it’s mandatory that you should be in your best mood. Most of the people get rejected during the resume screening itself. You are lucky enough to get an opportunity to at least showcase your talent and skills. This is the right time to prepare your self well for the battle and stand among the crowd. There are chances that interview process would be going in a wrong direction, you should be able to identify the mood of the interviewer and act accordingly.


It’s ok to be nervous during the interview. Making some simple mistakes happens with everyone. Here are some tips defined below so as to save you from the damage done during the interview procedure or know the interview results:

1. Length of the Interview

The minimum time an interview should take is about 30 minutes. But if the interviewer is trying to finish fast or not asking enough questions then he doesn’t find you the right candidate for the job. At that point try to engage the interviewer with knowledgeable questions.

2. Botched a Question

During the interview, there are chances that you might be asked too many questions at the same time. It’s your part to answer it with utmost care, if you got confused and unable to answer the questions, then it might be a red flag for you.

3. Interviewer’s Demeanor

Every interviewer in the room would have a different personality. If the interviewers are distracted, seems uninterested, bored or rude then it’s usually not a good sign.

4. Non Verbal Clues

Interviewers won’t inform you directly that you are not selected. It can be seen easily through their facial expressions and body language.

5. Lack of Research

It’s your responsibility to come prepared to the interview. Know about the company’s recent developments and major work that has been carried out. Learn about the job profile and the industry that you are intended to work into. If you have no idea, about the company, then this would create a bad impression among the interviewers.

6. Negative comments

A company like to hire people who have a positive mind and attitude. During the interview, if you convey any negative thoughts regarding your previous employer, then there are chances that interviewer might feel that you are not fit for the job.

7. Never Lie

People who are assigned to take interviews have many years of experience and are far knowledgeable. Before even you start the interview, there are chances that the interviewer might have done research about you on his/her part. So, just be honest while answering the questions.

8. Be Punctual

Always show up early while attending a job interview. If you are late then there would arise a question of punctuality in the interviewer’s mind. No one will consider a candidate who is not punctual for work.

9. Ask Questions

The interview should be a two-way conversation. After the interview is over, it’s your turn to ask relevant and knowledgeable questions and that too politely.

10. Final Statement

At the end of the interview, you will be told what to do next. The way the interviewer closes the conversation or an interview would help you identify if you have the chance of landing the job.



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