Right skills may land you to the best jobs in New Zealand

The global financial crisis affected many countries in the world but did not affect the New Zealand. Due to this, there is a huge number of job opportunities that have been gathering steam in the span of last three years. While the requirement of employees is on the higher side, the government of New Zealand forecasts that there would be a decline in the growth rate for the next three years.

There are many job opportunities that have been opened in various specialization fields like engineering, medical and IT. There is a wide range of opportunities for generalist skills as well.


Skills in Demand

Some skills are unceasingly short in supply, while the New Zealand immigrations claim that there is a huge list of skill shortages and a separate list of shortages for skills that would help rebuild the region of Canterbury that was affected by the earthquake in 2010 and 2011.

Getting a work and resident visa would be easier for candidates who have been offered a job by one of the New Zealand employers which must be in skill shortage lists and should have the required experience and qualification. This decision has been taken into account as the New Zealand government has realized that to meet the demands of the job market they need to recruit foreign job seekers.


Below is the list of shortages in the required field

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