Programmes that would help you find a job in New Zealand

Being an overseas candidate, finding a job in New Zealand is a bit difficult task. Some may be lucky enough to find it instantly while some have to wait for longer durations to get a relevant job. The section below elaborates on how to find a job of your choice. Some views and ideas are given below about what you can do if the job search is going on for a longer duration.

Seek help and advice

Searching for a job can be a lonely business. You should strive hard to find a support to whom you can share your valuable experiences. Having people around can make your life much easier and at the same time may help you boost your confidence. People around you would eventually help you and at the same time would be there to celebrate your job success.

Most of the cities in New Zealand have various programmes which help the new comers to find a relevant job.

New Kiwis

Auckland Chamber of Commerce runs a programme known as “New Kiwis”, in which they not only help the newcomers but also the returning Kiwis to find a good job in New Zealand.

This programme has a dedicated website in which you can search for jobs online. If you want any help or support then you can contact an employment liaison officer.These officers have helped many people before, so they would hear you and would provide all the support you need from them. The officers know the dilemma of finding a relevant job when the candidate is not much familiar with the Kiwi ways of doing things.


New Kiwis would help you with

  • Researching the profile, industry and occupation you are interested in
  • Developing great employment search strategies for you
  • Helping to create a strong CV
  • Giving appropriate tips to deal with the difficult questions in interviews


New Kiwis also organize free workshops and training events. They offer great opportunities to network with other job seekers and help develop some valuable skills in you.

Other Programmes:

New Zealand offers various other employment programmes around the country. They include job mentor programmes, newcomer matching programmes, job clubs and various skill’s training that are required while working for New Zealand employer.

There are also a number of professional coaches and career advisors who can give you a brief idea and objective feedback about your interview techniques and applications.



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