A savoir-faire of New Zealand style CV

Candidates usually think, that writing a resume is a very easy task but they are less aware of the fact that it requires mastering. If you are a new job seeker or may be you are having ample of work experience in your kitty, it’s your resume that helps to land you in an interview.

A resume is the first point of contact between you and your recruiter. It’s the first impression that you need to create in front of the New Zealand employer. New Zealand employers prefer a certain style of CV from a job seeker.



Employers from New Zealand would not prefer an employee who has pen down long stories about the courses and job. The better way is to provide your skills and knowledge with examples, rather than listing it without evidence. While creating your CV it is important to make yourself presentable but at the same time don’t be boastful about your achievements.

It would be a better move if you include a short description of the companies you have worked for like the website, location, and the number of employees, as Kiwi employers might not have known about the company.



Include a cover letter with your CV whenever you opt to apply for any job in New Zealand. This is considered as the one-page sales pitch, where you put your notions about why you think you are ideal for the job. A cover letter gives a brief introduction about you, focuses on your experience and skills, and creates an impression of why you are the right person for the job.

Most of the people do the mistake of submitting the same CV for every job profile. Every job demands different skills and talent, prepare your resume according to the relevancy of the job.

If you are selected for a job and thinking of moving to New Zealand, do not forget to take your original documents with you. If you are sending them via some courier service, do not send the originals. Get the copies made and certified, for this JP (Justice of the Peace) can help you in New Zealand.



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